As the Sun Sets on an Era


As a creative nonfiction writer, it is in my innate nature to share the human condition as I see and experience it; and I rarely have any reservations about laying bare what I am feeling, or the thoughts that fill my head at any given time.

I am in Vegas right now, for reasons different than most of you would assume. Yet I am not sharing the why of it all here because it is a deeply personal experience; and I am not ready or willing to make those reading this privy to the details just now.

This is new for me, and has been the way I’ve been feeling for the last several months. It won’t last forever. I still write and will get back to sharing what I write soon. But for now, the sun is shining outside and the lights illuminated inside are just as bright.

As the sun sets on an era, it rises to a brand new one. Life is beautiful and hard and tragic and inspiring. It always has been. It’s just up to each of us to interpret our lives in the way that empowers us to move forward and get on with the living of it... while still finding gratitude for all that it gives, and maybe more importantly, all that it takes away.


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