Paradise Found


This was tonight’s sunset.

Upon putting my eight-year-old son to bed a few hours later, we said a prayer aloud to one another, as we do each night before we cuddle. His prayers are often tender and thoughtful; but tonight’s was especially so... “I pray that we have safe drives and safe lives for as long as we want to live. I pray that Belle has a happy life and a happy home.”

I can venture to guess that the “safe drives” sentiment is rooted in the knowledge that his grandmother (my mom) died in a car accident before he and his sister were born. I was struck by the dichotomy in that one sentence, as he said for as long as we *want* to live, like it is fully up to us, despite the tragic randomness of my mom’s accident. As for Belle... she is our new gray and white gorgeous cat whom we rescued two weeks ago, and who has completely captured his heart. His profundity in moments such as these astonishes me in equal measure to the beauty of these sunsets we are fortunate to witness so many evenings.

I read today in an Instagram post by Glennon Doyle about Johnny Cash’s description of paradise being having coffee in the morning with his wife. She then described her own version of paradise in this messy world of ours. Reading her words made me reflect about what my description of paradise would be. Today, I’d describe it as being fully present in my own mind, body and soul, sharing this quiet moment with my son, appreciating the beauty in front of me, and feeling grateful for and accepting of where I am and who I am, just as I am.

This place is perceived as paradise by many, for many reasons, one being views such as this. In this respect, I concur; but I too believe that we can be in paradise no matter our surroundings, if we are able to recognize and appreciate the gifts in our lives, and live them with love and gratitude in our hearts. Thank you Glennon Doyle for the inspiration today, and thanks to my almost nine-year-old beautiful boy for his depth, sensitivity, and love... and just simply for existing.


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