Jamie Oliver is a Revolution

Since he first appeared on his debut televised cooking show, "The Naked Chef," I have adored Jamie Oliver. His infectious enthusiasm for food and his no fuss, simple to make recipes defined his appeal; while his unique food lingo and one-of-a-kind food prep demonstrations kept both me, and the world, wanting more.

Fifteen years later, he is that same guy. Nothing has changed... nothing except now Jamie Oliver is a one man, global juggernaut of restaurants, cookbooks, websites, food awareness, food advocacy, and food education... a FOOD REVOLUTION.

Today is Food Revolution Day, an annual campaign founded by Oliver in 2002. This global event provides a special opportunity for people around the world to ignite change in food awareness and food education throughout their own communities and a mobilized world community via the internet.

This year, the campaign includes Jamie's petition on change.org to enlist millions of people to fight for food education by creating a movement so powerful that all G20 governments will be forced to take action. The concept is to inspire government to do the right thing and mandate compulsory practical food education in schools worldwide - education that could make a huge difference in the lives and health of our kids and that of future generations.

People around the world are joining in and spreading the word, urging their family, friends and co-workers to sign and share the petition through hand written signs - literally, signs written on their hands. I too am showing my support and advocating Jamie's petition here on my website and through social media, and decided to create my SIGN IT, SHARE IT pics while my four-year-old was playing in the bath last night. I hadn't yet closed the Photo Booth app on my computer before he appeared at my side... wet, naked and wearing his hooded towel, curious why I had words on my fingers and anxious to pose in some of his own pics. While I pressed the trigger a few times, he proceeded to basically run amuck and pose for his shots. The result? See for yourself...

sign it share it blog image.jpg

Juxtaposed with my originals, it's funny how my son so obviously took over and consumed the former blank space to my right. A perfect visual metaphor for how kids fill up our lives with fun, laughter and chaos. It is also absolutely fitting that he appear in these photos because, after all, this campaign, this petition, this DAY, is a revolution that was started to also benefit his future - in food, health, and happiness.

Thank you, Jamie, for being the revolution you are.

For more information on Food Revolution Day, to get involved, or most importantly, to SIGN and SHARE the petition, please visit foodrevolutionday.com.