Malibu Cook's Tour Offers Quintessential View of Malibu

After living in Malibu for almost thirteen years, I have not heard of or experienced a local event more representative of what Malibu truly is than the Malibu Cook's Tour.

Upon visiting the event's website, a slideshow greets you with the following descriptors:

Four Mansions, Four Malibu Chefs, One Awesome Day
Explore Magnificent Malibu Homes
Taste the Best of Malibu's Finest Chefs
Enjoy a Unique Site of the 'Bu
And Do Good!

In its 29th year, the Malibu Cook's Tour, an annual fundraiser hosted by the Malibu Methodist Nursery School, offers attendees passports to explore the grounds and expansive homes of four Malibu residents while sampling the latest culinary offerings of local chefs and restaurants. Sounds like an exclusively restricted and sophisticated event, one that most would expect to take place in this perceived paradise by the sea. And although it is as exclusive and sophisticated as you would imagine, it is also as inclusive, widely accessible, and sweetly innocent as you may not expect.

Tickets for the tour are available for purchase online by anyone interested, and a 300 ticket limit is only imposed to keep things moving and to not overcrowd the event. The volunteer docents that guide passport holders around the estates are the parents, teachers, friends, family and fellow community members of children that attend the nursery school, and the many extravagant gift baskets available for purchase (of all shapes, sizes and themes) are filled with items generously donated by those same parents, friends and community members, with all proceeds going to the school's scholarship program.

So the glamorous mystique of what lies behind the gates of these private estates is juxtaposed by the humble reality that this event is merely a tried and true, down home, philanthropic event to benefit families in financial need who want their kids to attend this unique and special little nursery school... a quaint and magical place where children learn, grow and discover just steps from the sand.

I believe the Malibu Cook's Tour perfectly conveys what is most special about Malibu... a small community of members, utilizing both the gifts bestowed upon them and the natural beauty they are humbled to enjoy, generously sharing the bounty of all they have with anyone wanting to donate to the cause and partake in this fun and unforgettable experience.

In the spirit of sharing my gifts to help those in need, I am honored to be donating a yoga-themed gift basket to this year's event, full of yoga gear and a personalized yoga session for four... I look forward to meeting whomever buys it!

For your trip through delicious tastes, friendly faces and beautiful places, please visit This year's tour will take place this Saturday, May 9, 2015 from 11am-3pm.