June Gloom

Here in Malibu, we have a weather condition called June Gloom. It's when the inland heat traveling over the mountains meets the cold Pacific Ocean at the beginning of summer, resulting in cloudy, overcast skies and cool temperatures.
This past month, this website has suffered its own variety of June Gloom. It's when the end of the school year meets this mom's especially overloaded schedule at the beginning of the summer, resulting in the absence of new blog posts.
It's not that I didn't write. I write all the time... In my head, via voice activated notes on my phone, on my tablet in bed at night, and in saved drafts on this website. God knows I always have more than enough to say and write, as my mind seems to always be going, thinking, and contemplating.
The kids have been on summer break for three weeks now, and it's been an unexpected and insurmountable challenge to meet my original goal of posting (at least) one new blog each month. And although I have a laundry list of reasons why this has been, it's not a list comprised of "woe is me" excuses; nor is it filled with reasons for which I want or expect to garner pity.
Most of these reasons are common to us all, as they are what make up the summation of LIFE... of simply being human. Of being fallible, vulnerable, imperfect, and alive.
Of having kids that don't want to do summer camps but rather want to play freely with each other (and me). Of goodbyes to best friends moving out of state and husbands having birthday/fathers day trips planned. Of family visits and friends' tragedies. Of past connections disconnecting and other relationships blooming.
Of mass shootings, troubling presidential campaigns, and a global state of unrest. Of major work deadlines prompting working late nights to meet them. Of marriage trials, emotional tribulations, and parenting travails. Of women needing women, female uprisings, and true friendships being recognized as more vital than ever before.
Of life presenting itself in all its glory, all its suffering, all its possibility, all its hope.
Of all of it.
There's so much to say, think, feel, and do about it all, and not enough time to effectively do so - especially when your kids and their emotional well being are your first priority; and when you believe that there are certain times when people and relationships must come first - and matter more - than personal aspirations.
Even though the writing happens, as it is an inescapable part of me, the sharing of it has to take a back seat sometimes.
Therefore, in lieu of a well-crafted new blog piece, I am sharing some quick posts I made to social media in the month of June.
Love and light to all...


June 30, 2016

Here's an early post in the life of this blog - part memoir, part ode to running, and part self reflection on the harried life I was living when I wrote it (and who are we kidding, still live today to a certain extent). So, in the absence of any new posts I have been challenged to finish with two kids home for the summer, why not read this one!

The Road to You

When I was a kid, I wasn’t much of an athlete. I never participated in any team sports, nor did I have any kind of athletic goals. I think the reason was the not-so-unique combination of shyness, insecurity, and a fear of taking risks. Yet these qualities only reared their ugly heads when I was around people I didn't know. As I was often under close observation in public as a child, seen by many but not heard by most, my shyness was in direct correlation with the pressure I felt to be perfect and the feeling of being sized up and judged by others.  Read more>>


June 21, 2016

Celebrating International Yoga Day:

This photo was taken when I was in an elated state during my intensive yoga teacher training.

If you haven't visited my blog website, and have only seen "@happyalongthebu" as a social media handle, then you may not know that H.A.P.P.Y. is really an acronym. (I am definitely not "Happy in Malibu" all the time, as it reads without the periods!)

The H.A.P.P.Y. in this blog's title actually stands for Hope, Awareness, Positivity, Perseverance, and Yoga.

And even though Yoga is last in line, it is just as vital to me as the four other states of mind and being to live the life I want to live. #internationalyogaday


June 21, 2016

A piece I wrote on the power of yoga and the man who inspired me to make it a vital part of my life 19 years ago. ‪#‎internationalyogaday‬


Bryan Kest: The Man Behind The Power of Yoga

So I decided I was going to write about Power Yoga innovator Bryan Kest... and then, I couldn't.

I was so compelled to comment on my eighteen years as a student of his classes in Santa Monica and online, as well as on my recent experience completing his Power Yoga Teacher Training Intensive, that I thought the words would just pour out of me; so much so that I would have a hard time editing them all down to an approachable, readable post. But when I sat down and put fingers to keyboard, no cohesive thoughts came out.  Read More>>


June 20, 2016

Went camping, SUP (Stand Up Paddleboarding), and boating with the family for five days, all in celebration of my husband's birthday and Father's Day. No internet at our campsite in the middle of the dense forest meant no email, texts, or social media read, answered, or checked... no snapshots shared instantly, and no check-ins made. Just the four of us alone, vacationing together as a family, like in the days of yore. I'm sure I'll have more to say on the subject when I finally sit down to write, but only after emerging from this huge pile of campfire-infused laundry. #‎nofilter‬ ‪#‎shaverlake‬ ‪#‎unplugged‬ ‪#‎offthegrid‬ ‪#‎familyvacation


June 9, 2016

I turned 44 years old exactly two weeks ago. Palindromic birthday years have always been turning points in my life...

At 11, my parents got divorced, we moved out of my childhood home, and my love for (and escape into) movies began with my first viewing of Gone with the Wind. At 22, I graduated college, landed my first job on a major Hollywood studio film set, and got my heart dutifully broken for the first time. At 33, I was newly wed, bought my first home, and became pregnant with my first child.

What does 44 have in store for me? Although the significance of this year is still yet to be determined, I think this birthday's first weekend (the details of which I wrote about in my latest blog post below) was definitely a good start.

Birthday Weekend Away. In Short. Gratitude.

Going out of town solo for my birthday weekend has become kind of an accidental tradition. I've gone away on a birthday trip each year since 2013, either venturing inland to Los Angeles or trading the shores of Malibu for those of Newport Beach, always seeking sanctuary from the challenges of my hectic, kid- centric life for a day or two... or three.  Read more>>


June 7, 2016

#kissthevote #californiaprimary2016



June 6, 2016

From my front deck, I can hear the sound of my five-year-old boy and nine-year-old girl laughing and chanting in play as they jump in unison, holding hands, on the trampoline together around the side of the house. As the soundtrack of these siblings' lives is often fraught with conflict and discord, their age gap seeming to get more and more expansive as they grow older, it is music to my ears to hear such joy and harmony between them; and maybe a little bit magical... so much so that I tried to capture a snippet of the audible magic while it lasted. #brothersisterlove #siblinglove #freeplay #bonding #bestfriends #bffs #malibu #windy