Love Is the Answer to Every Question


I shared this image and message over three years ago, but I think it bears repeating...

Love is everything. It is all there is and all that truly matters. At times humans are hard to love, but mostly they are so easy.

I love some for their heart and others for their humor. I love some for their convictions and still others for their beauty, inside and out. I love the mind, body and soul of one 💗, and the pure nature and generosity of spirit of another. 💞

The most amazing thing about love is that it is boundless. It knows no limits. It is not restricted to the people you're supposed to love, expected to love, or allowed to love, by other people’s standards and rules. You are free to love anyone, at any time, to any degree, and for any reason. Love has the power to heal, uplift, inspire and transform. Love is the answer to every question. 💖

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