Pregnancy Glow


#tbt 🤰I was nearly full term pregnant with my son when I attended my 20 year high school reunion in 2010.

I contemplated not going in my condition; but since it was taking place so close to where I lived (maybe a 45 minute drive away, as well as just down the street from the hospital in which I planned to deliver), I decided to go and bask in my pregnancy glow. You definitely couldn’t miss me coming in that shiny satin blouse with my balloon stomach.

I remember I tripped and fell in the parking lot upon arrival, and a few very concerned classmates witnessed it outside the hotel. 🤦‍♀️ I was wearing chunky heels that weren’t very high, but I obviously was not used to walking in them that far along in my pregnancy.

I delivered the baby, five days late mind you, less than a month later. And now in two days time, that kid in my belly turns nine-years-old.👩‍👦

#twentyyearreunion #ninemonthspregnant

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