That Which Lies Beyond the Photo Frame

Thursday, January 29th, 2015, 5:15pm.

Inside: I prepare dinner, while my 8 year old works on her book report and my 4 year old plays with his Legos strewn all over our living room floor... a typical view of a young family's clutter, chaos and craziness encapsulated (of course, no photo taken of this).

Outside: A ridiculously gorgeous and mesmerizing sunset, lighting up the sky so brightly that it draws us all out there to gaze at its transient beauty (a definite photo taken of this).

Both scenes, starkly contrasting in nature and aesthetic, garner immense gratitude in me in their afterglow; yet only one was captured, while the other will only live in my collective memory of these fleeting years with my young, school age kids.

Look to cultivate gratitude for all the scenes in your life - even the messy ones that you don't take and share images of on social media - as, most likely, it is those not shared that deserve it more.