All the benefits come from your effort, none come from your acquisition.
— Bryan Kest

I have been practicing yoga since 1996. For 21 years, yoga has been the thread that has weaved through my adult life, challenging, motivating, inspiring, and healing me, both in mind and body.

It began when I borrowed a yoga book from the library, taught myself my first yoga poses, and developed my own Hatha yoga practice at home. I continued to practice on my own long before I ever took a real yoga class, since I couldn't afford to take any classes at the time.

In 1998, my sister introduced me to Bryan Kest. I began attending his iconic classes in Santa Monica and have been practicing with him ever since. His non-conforming style and unique dissemination of yoga philosophy has been an incredible gift, and has given me the invaluable insight that has shaped my yoga practice for 19 years.

Through my completion of the Bryan Kest Power Yoga Teacher Training and my many years of personal practice, I strive to share the gift of yoga with others so that they may discover and enjoy its benefits.

Indeed, Yoga is a practice... one to be developed and refined, not a skill to be learned and mastered. Yoga is not a set of poses, nor is it your ability to get into and perform poses in some perfect or correct way. Yoga is maintaining a calm mind; and during your physical yoga practice, it is maintaining that calm mind while you attempt those often challenging poses. A consistent yoga practice can not only reduce stress and foster mental and emotional fitness, but it can also promote physical fitness, helping you develop and maintain an alive, toned and strong body.

Anyone can practice yoga. You don't need to be athletic or flexible, and you don't need to have any more physical strength than that which you already possess. You don't need anything but YOU to start improving your overall health and well being from your first deep cleansing breath.

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